Metallicahas donated250,000 eurosto a Romanian association that is building the first pediatric cancer hospital in the country.

The donation toDaruieste Viata(Giving life), founded in 2012, came before the band's concert on Wednesday, the fourth in the European Union country since 1999, the association said on its Facebook page.

The donation was made through the band's non-profit foundation, All Within My Hands, with whichMetallica distributes fundstaken from a percentage of their concert tickets.

In fact, on their last visit to Spain last May, the group donated 68,000 euros in Madrid to the NGO Bokatas, as well as 50,000 in Barcelona for the Equal organizations in action and Heat at night.

Bucharest Hospital

The construction of the hospital began in mid-2018 in Bucharest, one of the few to be built in Romania in the last three decades. The project is expected to be ready next year, with donations of 260,000 individuals andjust under 2,000 companiesfor the moment.

Romania has one of the least developed infrastructures in the EU due to poor public administration, corruption and bureaucracy, despite years of strong economic growth and billions of euros in financing from theEuropean block

The current Government has repeatedly postponed plans to build three new regional hospitals for which the EU has allocated funds.

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