The Arsenal playerMesut Ozil has been assaultedthis Thursday by two thieves leaving a restaurant in London and had to be 'rescued' bySead Kolasinac, his teammate, and whofaced offendersto prevent them from stealing the German midfielder's car.

Images of the assault on Arsenal players. Video: Youtube / Cadalad Production

The action, videotaped by a security camera, was developedat the exit of the restaurantTurkish Lykia. Twoassailants armed with knivesthey set out to steal the former player’s vehicleReal Madrid, but Kolasinac prevented him from confronting them.

The central 'gunner' hurried out of tourism tostop thieves, who had arrived by motorcycle to the scene. Kolasinac ended up getting thesethey left running before their defenseYOzil, frightened according to some witnesses,stayed inside the car.



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