Messi wanted to deceive Armando Archundia; Mexican referee silenced him

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That footballers resort to deception to benefit from arbitration is something that occurs at all levels and in all leagues; Even the best player in the world resorts to these ‘tricks’.

And it is enough to remember the 2009 Club World Cup FinalCome in Barcelona and Students of La Plataa duel whistled by the Mexican referee, Armando Archundiaand that he had to show the yellow card to Lionel Messibecause he tried to deceive him.

“In the photo that I have, one of the best players in the history of football is reprimanded for simulating a foul, imagine if people who have the capacity do it at those levels, it is part of the spark, it should not be, we understand this situation, but it is the way of playing from amateur, there are players who touch them and shout as if they were seriously injured, but it is part of the training of each one… the simulation has not disappeared in its entirety, it has in the areas of penalty because it is what the video arbitration reviews, but a foul can be simulated in the middle of the field and the VAR will not review it if it is a yellow card, “he recalled at halftime.

Denying the best player in the world on the court is not easy, but Archundia’s hand did not shake and he left silence the fleawhen he insisted that they had hit him, but the whistleman contradicted him and left him silent with the admonition.

“There’s the photo on the back, it’s just a yellow card, you don’t have to say more, he says ‘hey, they hit me’, he threw himself! Ready, yellow card, you can’t tell him anything, you can’t tell him he’s a cheat, you have to respect them,” he said.

Were you surprised that the best player in the world resorted to cheating?

“It doesn’t surprise me because they are human beings and when it’s competitive and you get a result, you look for all the resources to get the results… It’s from the trainers, it’s not winning for the sake of winning, from 6 to 12 years old the result comes out left over… play to win but accept defeat with dignity”.

A ‘crack’ not to give penalties

Archundia revealed that he never had to mark a non-existent penaltybecause he had a strategy to identify deception within the area and he has even told other colleagues that way of analyzing so that they do not fall into those errors.

“I didn’t have to score a penalty that wasn’t, everyone I sanctioned had elements to say that the foul was correct, maybe I let penalties pass that were, but that I have been deceived by someone who simulated, no; In addition, he learned a lot about the way players fall, when they commit a foul, the player falls half upset, when not, they fall in a very comfortable position so as not to get injured and they immediately turn to see if you were close or in a bad position to make a decision, I learned that and it was very difficult for me to make a wrong decision in that sense,” he said.

Armando Archundia is one of the best whistlers that Mexican soccer has hadhas two World Cups on his resume (Germany 2006 and South Africa 2010), three Club World Cups (2005, 2008 and 2009), as well as participation in five editions of the Gold Cup.

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