In an interview with the newspaper “Marca”, Messi confirmed that he “very impressed” with the beginning of Ronaldo with Manchester United, since the latter’s return to his old club at the beginning of the current season.

Messi said: “Ronaldo has now adapted to Manchester United in an impressive way. From the beginning, he started scoring many goals and did not stop.”

Messi spoke with longing about his direct competition with Ronaldo when they were in the Spanish league together: “It was a beautiful period for us and for the fans. Her memory is very beautiful and will remain in the history of football.”

old enemy

Messi also spoke of his “old enemy”, Sergio Ramos, who is now his teammate at Paris Saint-Germain.

Messi and Ramos have always faced intense struggles during the Barcelona and Real Madrid meetings, which made their playing together now an exciting thing for the fans.

Messi said: “It was strange at first (playing together), as we were rivals for many years, and we had many conflicts on the field.”

He added, “We always respected each other even when we were opponents. But it’s all in the past, and that he’s my teammate now is amazing.”

He confirmed that he had known Ramos through his conversations with him on the field, and through their many confrontations in the league, but now he got to know him more personally.

Messi said: “I had colleagues in Argentina who had previously played alongside Ramos, and they told me about him, and now we are together in Paris and I saw for myself that he is a wonderful person.”

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After many years in Barcelona, ​​Messi left his old home and moved to Paris Saint-Germain last summer, in a surprising deal that shocked the football world.


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