The player ofFC Barcelona Leo Messihas been denounced in the National Court, along with his father Jorge Horacio Messi and his brother Rodrigo Messi and the Leo Messi Foundation, by the former employee of the Federico Rettori Foundation, for alleged crimes offraud and money launderingthrough the foundation.

In a complaint to which Europa Press has had access, after an information published by the newspaper ABC, and that is waiting to be admitted or not to be processed by a room of the National Court, Rettori ensures that Leo Messi and his environment he would have benefited from the Foundation to receive personal payments that were not destined for social purposes and thus get rid of taxes to the Treasury.

"Funds that originally had to be destined to social actionsthey were diverted to another type of private activities or accounts different from those declared by said foundation ", denounces Rettori, worker of the Foundation between 2012 and 2015.

Hence, the complaint is for the "alleged crimes against the Treasury, accounting crimes, fraud and money laundering" according to several facts.

Among them, the complainant assures that the Leo Messi Foundation "never registers with the Catalan Registry of Foundations" and that this means that all these years "it operated without any type of control or accountability in any official body".

Until 2013 they were discharged, before it came to light the case for which Leo Messi was, at a private level with his father, finally sentenced to pay more than 2 million euros for three tax crimes.

He also claims in the complaint that the footballer and his club, FC Barcelona, ​​would have used the Leo Messi Foundation to benefit from not having to pay taxes. "All those years, the Leo Messi Foundation received money from FC Barcelona as donations.To receive donations, the Messi Foundation should have been registered (in the Registry)", argues the complainant.

"He used tax benefits that legally did not correspond to him, which allowed FC Barcelona and the Foundation to save several million euros in tax payments.The club obtained tax deductions of 35% of corporation tax and Messi avoided paying 45% of the tax of the physical income of the people since civil organizations with a charitable purpose do not pay taxes for the donations they receive, "he defines.

Rettori shells several movements and income in the Foundation that have no proof or associated social actions, and provides proof of this in the complaint. "The total expenses in those 5 years are extremely high for a foundation with only one employee and without attention to the public, from which its fictitious activity is deduced and which operates as a screen to hide the income of those reported," he says.

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