Messages Halsema and Rutte released after Dam demonstration: “You are leaving me out in the cold”

After the Black Lives Matter protest on Dam Square, where it was so busy that despite the corona measures, Mayor Femke Halsema felt left out in the cold by Prime Minister Mark Rutte. This is evident from a text message that became public this afternoon.

The text messages were sent to the House of Representatives at the request of PVV leader Geert Wilders. It can be read that Halsema sent Rutte on 1 June at 8.12 pm: “Please contact us about demo. I need some support.” The demonstration had already ended at the beginning of the evening, but the large number of demonstrators caused critical reactions throughout the evening.

Halsema also had contact with Ferd Grapperhaus, who was then Minister of Justice and Security. Ruth knew that too. “Femke, you have contact with Ferd about this. I see zero added value to sit in between that. I find the images from Amsterdam extremely intense,” he wrote. “This is very bad for support under the 1.5 meter measure.”

“Sorry, I expect a little more from you”, Halsema reacted. “I’m being ambushed by 10,000 people this afternoon and there is no police force trying to break this up peacefully.” After Rutte once again pointed out that Grapperhaus had contact, Halsema wrote: “Ha Mark, you are leaving me out in the cold”.

That there had been contact with Rutte was previously reported in De Telegraaf. When Halsema was contacted by JA21 councilor Kevin Kreuger in 2020 was askedshe said: “I have discussed with Mr Rutte that I will further deal with Mr Grapperhaus.”

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The messages came up in the debate about the news that Prime Minister Rutte has been deleting text messages for years, because he can only store twenty messages on the SIM card of his old Nokia phone. He said he sent important messages to an official who could archive them.



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