Mercenary affair in Minsk (daily newspaper young world)


The authorities arrested 33 Russians ten days before the presidential election in Belarus. They accuse them of having planned “provocations” to “destabilize the situation in the country”. The men are supposed to work for the private security company “Wagner”. The company allegedly belongs to the businessman Jewgeni Prigoschin, who mainly operates catering for receptions in the Kremlin and is therefore also known as “Putin’s head chef”. The mercenaries of “Wagner” are said to have fought for Russian interests in those places where the Kremlin was concerned with being able to deny open involvement and not have to be politically responsible for losses: in Donbass, Syria or Libya.

The arrest itself took place on Wednesday night in a spa hotel on the outskirts of Minsk. As the Belarusian media reported, 32 of the men checked in there on Monday and were headed by a »for Russian …


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