Regular on asphalt, surprising off-road: the variant of the Mercedes sedan is a complete, well-equipped and safe car, with a two-liter 200 hp mild hybrid diesel engine and a price list starting at 58,603 euros.

Maurizio Bertera

You can be more daring, without being an off-road specialist: this is the philosophy of the C-Class All-Terrain, the ‘push’ variant of one of the best-selling sedans in Europe, arriving by the end of the year. Mercedes has thought well that a family car – born for long journeys in maximum comfort – could be equally reliable in light off-road vehicles, and has achieved the goal, with dedicated stylistic and technical solutions. Exactly as already done for the E-Class All-Terrain.


The basis is therefore that of the C-Class Station Wagon with the super reliable 4Matic all-wheel drive, but the suspension with traditional springs and shock absorbers provides for an increased ground clearance of 40 mm. 21mm widened fenders in Dark Gray were introduced to accommodate wider, higher shoulder tires for 17, 18 and 19 inch rims. The bumpers integrate the lower body protectors and raw plastic inserts, while the grille has a dedicated finish, reserved only for the C All-Terrain, as well as other details derived from the Avantgarde trim with glossy black glass frames.

C-Class All-Terrain, the interior

Also in this case, the sports seats and, among the standard equipment, the electric tailgate are similar to those of the C-Class SW Avantgarde (with three different color combinations). The instrument panel is slightly inclined six degrees towards the driver. The high-resolution LCD screen in the driver’s area appears to be suspended in front of the airfoil and the plane of the decorative elements. In this way the driver display stands out from the traditional dashboard, with classic circular instruments. Buyers can choose between a 10.25-inch (26.0 cm) and a 12.3-inch (31.2 cm) version. A new ‘Offroad’ context has been created for the All-Terrain, with specific contents such as slope, inclination and steering angle. In addition, geographic coordinates and a compass are also displayed. The basic equipment also includes the latest version of the Mbux multimedia system and a complete package of driver assistance systems.

C-Class All-Terrain, the engines

There is also a two-liter petrol engine, but for now the Italian price list only includes the two-liter diesel of the C220d: a four-cylinder equipped with a second generation integrated starter-alternator and a partial 48 V on-board network. recovering energy and sailing with the engine off (hence reduced consumption), as well as being able to count on a maximum of 15 kW in addition to the power of the thermal engine. Finally, electrification allows the use of a refrigerant fluid compressor for the air conditioner. The 4Matic all-wheel drive, revisited for the All-Terrain, offers superior grip and driving stability even on difficult road surfaces: up to 45% of the driving force is distributed on the front axle and up to 55% on the rear axle. With the new bevel gear on the front axle, higher torques can be transmitted and load distributions on the axles that are ideal from the point of view of driving dynamics can be achieved.

Mercedes C-Class All-Terrain, how it goes

On the asphalt, the C All-Terrain is the wagon we know: brilliant in its response, it is appreciated both in the city (where it is worth emphasizing the always smooth start of the stop & start), as in a mixture of curves and on the motorway. It allows you to overtake with ease – and therefore safety – and to travel with a thread of gas even at motorway speeds, with all the advantages that can be easily understood in terms of reduced fuel consumption and emissions, but also in acoustic comfort. The real fun is experienced in the dirt, taking advantage of the dedicated driving modes which, to the normal ones, add the new Off-road and Off-road +. The latter allow you to have more traction on difficult terrain, by adjusting the engine delivery, four-wheel drive, steering, Esp, automatic gearbox and descent assistant (specific for Off-road +). The engineers of the house then thought it well to add a “gem” (optional): the Digital Light function of the LED headlights that modifies the light beam based on the information from the navigator and GPS, illuminating the points of the road that could hide. obstacles (works up to 50 km / h).

Mercedes C-Class All-terrain: how it goes off-road

When the Dynamic Select All-Terrain mode is activated, useful information for off-road driving appears on the central screen: the car is displayed on the screen and details of the steering angle of the front wheels, the position of the air suspension are provided. Body Control, the lateral inclination angle and the longitudinal inclination angle, the accelerator and brake position as well as a compass to orient yourself in the old way if the satellites are unable to transmit information to the GPS, perhaps because in a forest. The graphics are clear and pleasant, from the setup of the best motorsport game. The behavior is surprising, the car is able to tackle, with precision and safety, not indifferent climbs and descents with the help of the driver assistance systems. In the cockpit, the set-up does not make you feel the roughness of the ground more than necessary. Optional extras include the tow hook with stabilizer which, through an adjustment of the Esp, stabilizes the vehicle and trailer over 65 km / h in the event of skidding: it is part of a valid package that also includes the 360 ​​camera. degrees.

Mercedes C 220 d Mild Hybrid 4Matic All-Terrain: scheda tecnica

Motor: 2.0 diesel mild hybrid;
Maximum power
: 200 Cv;
Maximum torque
: 440 Nm;
: automatic;
: integral 4Matic;
Performance: acceleration 0-100 km / h 7.8 seconds, maximum speed 242 km / h;
: 4.9 liters / 100 km in the combined cycle Wltp;
: length 4,755 mm, width with mirrors closed 1,841 mm, height 1,494 mm, wheelbase 2,865 mm; trunk 490-1510 liters; weight in running order 1,800 kg;
: from 58,603 euros (Premium set-up)


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