Mercedes-Benz has a problem, and it’s trying to fix it. Indeed, the German manufacturer believes that its range is too complex, and that it is imperative to simplify it by removing a few models and rationalizing the engine / platform offer.

For these reasons, and according to our colleagues on the site, the manufacturer is in the process of developing a new model – one more, you would say – but which would replace existing models.

Indeed, according to the publication, in 2023, Mercedes-Benz would put the CLE on the market. It would be a mixed between the Class E and the Class C, and it would sign the death warrant of the Class C and Class E coupe and cabriolet. By itself, the two variants of the CLE would therefore replace four aforementioned models. It is rumored that Mercedes-Benz will launch another variant, the CLE Shooting Brake.

Of course, Mercedes-Benz has not yet formalized this information, which should also be taken with a grain of salt. Logically, and if the manufacturer really wants to simplify its range, it would be better to remove unpopular models or variants. While in our case, the rumor is that Mercedes-Benz is launching a new model … Moreover, the date indicated seems unrealistic because usually, when launching a new model, the manufacturer tests it years before.

To make matters worse, the star manufacturer is preparing for the launch of electric vehicles including the EQS, EQA and EQB. These newcomers will undoubtedly add complexity to an already long range. How will Mercedes-Benz do it? We will find out soon, when the managers of the brand will finally speak on this subject which does not only concern Mercedes-Benz.