Mercato Nantes: a decisive month for Kombouaré

Mercato Nantes: a decisive month for Kombouaré


« Par Romain LantheaumeThe 15/03/2023 »

As last season, the greatest vagueness reigns around the future of the coach of FC Nantes, Antoine Kombouar. The technician is coming to the end of his contract next June and, for the time being, it is difficult to identify a trend. Sportingly, the season has been more challenging and the Canaries, 14th in Ligue 1, have not yet ensured maintenance. Above all, President Waldemar Kita is reluctant to continue with a coach with whom he no longer communicates, explains RMC Sport on Wednesday.

Nevertheless, the Nantes boss is aware that the Kanak manages to thrill the supporters, the image of the course until the knockout stages of the Europa League against Juventus Turin (1-1, 0-3). In this context, our colleagues indicate that the coming month should be decisive with in particular the semi-final of the Coupe de France on April 5 against Olympique Lyonnais.

In the event of a new qualification in the final, Kita could resolve to put his cold relations aside to extend a technician who has the confidence of the group and the club. Otherwise, no scenario is excluded

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