Mental health: reprimanding your conscience all the time is psychologically wrong | video

Nada Turk, a mental health specialist, said that there is a need to teach children to respect the needs and feelings of parents, noting that the new generation is psychologically better than the previous generation.

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And “Turk”, during a telephone interview with the two journalists, Rana Arafa and Mamdouh Al-Shennawi, on the “Al-Bay and Al-Hanam” program, broadcast on the “Echo Al-Balad” channel, said that there is a need not to justify any action we do, commenting: “The idea of ​​justifying any act is incorrect. There are people who apologize a lot and sincerely, and this matter is not appropriate.”

She pointed out that the idea of ​​reprimanding one’s conscience all the time is psychologically wrong, commenting: “The idea of ​​self-flagellation on a high is a disaster, because a person feels that he is mistaken all the time.”

On the other hand, many are keen to follow the horoscopes of the astrological signs, and know their luck on a daily basis, and these are the predictions of Capricorn for January 10, 2022, according to horoscope expert Abeer Fouad.

Capricorn will be joined by those born in the period (from 12/22 to 20/1), and these are today’s expectations:

Professionally: Today, you can prepare yourself for all possibilities and adapt to developments.

Emotionally and socially: The moon is in the house of relationships, and today is suitable for discussing an emotional issue that preoccupies you, and has a super persuasive ability.

Capricorn is characterized as a rational and diplomatic person, and Capricorn owners are characterized by their love of work, and it is one of the quiet constellations that does not prefer nervousness, and Capricorns are highly affectionate and loving characters.

The disadvantages of Capricorn are that it is a traditional horoscope that does not like innovation and adventure. He clings to his opinions very much.

And between this and that, the permanent advice remains for Capricorns. Try to express your feelings, and leave time for your family. Life is not only limited to work, and you must open up to the world, and get rid of the isolation that you put yourself in.



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