Mental health..empowerment and a common taste

In early 2019, the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention revealed digital solutions in the field of mental health through the use of virtual reality and training young doctors to treat psychotic diseases, victims of bullying, and people with obsessive-compulsive disorder, in addition to developing an innovative program for cognitive behavioral therapy that is offered in schools. Primary.

It becomes clear to us here that there are serious and tangible steps to anticipate the future of mental health care in the UAE, but the greater responsibility lies in spreading awareness among different segments of mental health as an aspect of self-empowerment for the individual and society.

The continuation of such good initiatives is important, and investing in spreading awareness through the cooperation of various educational and cultural institutions and institutions can enhance psychological awareness and emotional intelligence among individuals from an early age.

For example, it is possible to launch an electronic platform aimed at educating individuals on various topics related to mental health by providing recommendations for appropriate books for each topic. It is also possible to include videos or clips from films that can open horizons that bring closer perceptions of cases. In this way, it is possible to build a common taste, and integrate it into specialized topics that allow more understanding and open up broader horizons of awareness.

There are games and activities that help to strengthen some skills, and written and artistic activities that can be recommended according to the topics, and we come out of all this with a combination that includes a bibliography of topics, a book index and activities spaces, to link all of this to the websites of public libraries in the Emirates, which allow free borrowing of these books, In addition to linking relevant hospitals and clinics to encourage individuals to book appointments when needed.

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