“Mental and psychological abnormality of a higher degree”: criminal proceedings against man for abuse of minors opened

“Mental and psychological abnormality of a higher degree”: criminal proceedings against man for abuse of minors opened

A young man from Obwalden has abused several children abroad. Investigations are now underway against him in his home country.

The public prosecutor’s office in Austria has attested to him having a “mental and mental abnormality of a higher degree”. In particular, the man, who comes from Obwalden, suffers from “paranoid schizophrenia with pronounced delusions”. This is what it says in the criminal complaint of the Austrian law enforcement authorities, who accused the young Obwaldener in a regional court at the beginning of the year of several sexual acts with children. The court sentenced the man to “conditional admission to an institution for mentally abnormal lawbreakers” with a probationary period of ten years (we reported).

In the course of their investigation, the Austrian authorities also forwarded files on the man to the Swiss Federal Office of Justice, which passed them on to the Obwalden public prosecutor’s office. And this has now also opened criminal proceedings against the man, as she communicates on request. “Since it is an ongoing process, I can not provide any further information,” writes the responsible public prosecutor. Thus, there is apparently the suspicion that the man could have committed crimes in connection with minors in Obwalden. It remains to be seen what the ongoing investigations reveal.

Pushed to pornographic videos

The man had accepted the judgment of the Austrian regional court at the time, which made it final, as the court announced on request. The young Obwaldner was punished for sexually assaulting several boys between the ages of ten and twelve or for forcing them to make pornographic video material of themselves and send it to him. In return, the Obwaldner offered money. He threatened some children that they would publish videos they had already received if they did not comply with his further wishes.

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Before the Austrian court, the man had committed to hormone therapy, which should prevent him from further acts in the field of pedophilia. The court granted his admission to an institution conditionally, provided that the man regularly receives such hormone injections and undergoes psychological therapy. He is also no longer allowed to have contact with children and young people. According to media reports, the man from Obwalden returned home after his conviction in Austria – where he could now face another sentence.

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