Men’s Hockey European Championship: France versus Germany, 5-6, group stage – hockey

Wellen: “Made it difficult for us ourselves”

Niklas Wellen, one of the goalscorers, said after the end of the game: “We made it unnecessarily difficult for ourselves and scored too easily. We can’t afford that in the semifinals. But the mentality was good, we came back.”

Wellen hadn’t noticed that the Germans took out 20 penalty corners. “Really 20?”he asked and stated: “That are many.” Basically, it is good to play out so many “But of course we have to improve the rate (16 unused corners, d. Ed.).”

Thick air in the half-time break

I got during the break “really bad mood” ruled, reported national coach al Saadi: “As a team, we are so far that you can clearly express your opinion among each other and then go out together and show a reaction.”

“So come back” is a very important quality that Germany can use in games against top opponents. But before “screw up so much” shouldn’t the DHB men anymore.

France shocked Germany early on

In a furious initial phase in the Wagener Stadium in Amstelveen in front of 200 spectators, the French succeeded Nicolas dumont (2nd) and Pieter van Straaten (4th) a quick double pack.

Two successful penalty corners from Häner (4th, 5th) immediately afterwards brought the team around captain Tobias Hauke ​​back into the game.

Defense work of the DHB men expandable

As a result, France moved defensively against partly wild DHB men through goals Charles Masson (13.), van Straaten (19.) und Benjamin Marque (22nd) but from it again.

Wellen (25th, penalty corner / 56th) and Florian Fuchs (33rd) made the game exciting again, before Häner made the decision with the 20th penalty corner.

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A draw would be enough for the German women’s team

The DHB women enough against outsider Italy on Wednesday (2.45 p.m. / live on stream at a draw for the jump to the semi-finals and the direct World Cup qualification. The EM serves as a dress rehearsal for the Olympic Games in Tokyo (July 23 to August 8).

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