Menopausal lady looks like Syndergard

Menopausal lady looks like Syndergard

“The new politician is always innocent, until he comes to occupy his first position”… La Pimpi

In Oakland, where the A’s are saying goodbye, because they’re going to Las Vegas; and in Chicago, where the White Sox are next to last in the division, at 10-21, seven games behind the leading Twins, fans protest owners John Fisher and Jerry Reinsdorf, respectively, with very hot banners, even inside of the stadiums, in which they are asked to leave the business now…

The beetle of this column in Los Angeles assures me that the pitcher Noah Syndergard (Dodgers), a man, already 30 years old, considers the long hair that has been left a beauty and that it suits him very well. Well, no, because she looks like a menopausal lady… The shortstop and tremendous hitter, Trea Turner, signed by the Phillies for 11 seasons, for 300 million, said that his previous team, the Dodgers, did not even make him an offer to retain him. He added: “I would have considered a contract with them, even less than this one in Philadelphia. The truth is, I wanted to stay on the west coast, but the only interested club was the Padres, with an offer that was very poor”…

“Shall I speak to someone from the Bank?”

“Yes, miss, at your command.”

“It’s just that I have my checkbook here so you can use your pen.”

The thing about the Rays, which could have been assumed to be a flash from the beginning of the season, is serious. The White Sox scored 26 runs in two games and beat them 14-5 and 12-3.

A marvel, if you remember that the salaries of those Rays players only reach 73 million 161 thousand dollars, when the Mets, Yankees and Dodgers, for example, pay more than 230 million… They are doing well, guys, they are doing well! … Hey, Rob Manfred!: 119 years ago today, in just one hour and 30 minutes, Cy Young pitched the first perfect game in the Major Leagues. That afternoon, in 1904, 10,032 spectators attended “Boston’s Huntington Baseball Ground”.

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The Boston Pilgrims defeated the Philadelphia Athletics 3-0. It was the era of only one umpire per game. In this case, it was, Frank Dwyer. Young had thrown another no-hitter, but not a perfect one, on September 18, 1897, for the Indians and over the Reds.
The husband enters the room and finds his wife in bed with his best friend. He pulls out the gun, shoots and kills the intruder.

The wife emphasizes:

“Keep it up, and you’ll run out of friends.”

Thanks to life that has given me so much, even a reader like you.

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