1C Entertainment and Best Way are pleased to announce Men of War II, the next installment in the widely acclaimed real-time strategy franchise Men of War. The announcement was made during the 2021 Golden Joystick Awards and showcased the new and exciting features that the series’ original creator has been preparing for this next installment. Men of War II will hit Steam for PC in 2022.

After Men of War has spawned several expansions and offshoots since its debut, Men of War II returns to the roots of the series to redesign and redefine the real-time strategy game. The new frontline mechanics are the basis for exciting, dynamic encounters, in which the pushing and pulling of each skirmish has a direct impact on the territorial boundaries. Wage battles of attrition and break undefended lines to take control of the map areas, dig trenches and support troops in newly won areas.

Take command of the battlefield with the improved Direct Vision feature that allows you to focus on a unit at all times and upgrade, switch or repair equipment. Expand the theater of war with powerful armor and artillery capable of destroying buildings and weapon positions, and choose from an arsenal of 45 battalions and more than 300 vehicles, all carefully designed with absolute historical accuracy.

Two story campaigns – playable in single player mode or in online co-op mode with up to five players – enable commanders to go into battle on both the Western and Eastern Fronts. Take control of the brave Allied forces making their way through devastated France and the staunch Soviets defending their lands against the menacing army of the Third Reich. Returning to WWII, Best Way puts a spotlight on battles and scenarios never seen in the series, with conflicts like the Battle of the Falaise Pocket and Operation Bagration.

Prepare to face enemy armies in intense combat in the series’ most advanced online multiplayer mode to date. Choose the Allies, the Soviets or the Germans and compete against the armies of other commanders. Choose from a variety of skirmish and challenge maps, created with great attention to detail, to authentically adapt each arena to its respective era. Commanders can also join forces with other armies in online co-op and let combined units fight the new and improved AI in bloody mass battles.

The devastated battlefields of Europe are equipped with realistic physics and completely destructible objects, so that the generals can design the war zone according to their ideas. The impressive sound design captures the guttural, terse and chaotic cacophonies with lifelike explosions, the rattle of machine guns and the kicks of German tanks. Full mod support gives commanders endless opportunities to create new battle scenarios with a special level design and modding toolset.

“Men of War II puts an emphasis on tactical decision-making, engaging campaigns, and most importantly, historical accuracy,” said Nikolay Barishnikov, CEO of 1C Entertainment. “We want to offer players the most authentic and entertaining experience possible. With our destructible environments, wide range of units and full mod support, aspiring commanders can experience WWII on their own terms. ”

Men of War II will be available for PC through Steam and other stores in 2022. For more information, you can request the game on Steam, visit 1C Entertainment’s official website, like the Facebook page, and follow @ 1C_Company on Twitter.

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