Men come to blows for the word “women” in the Jordanian Parliament

A debate on gender equality ended in a scuffle in the Jordanian Parliament. The deputies were discussing including the word “Jordanian” in the constitution. Which was not to everyone’s taste.

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Un deputy grabs another by the collar. One of his colleagues tumbles down the stairs of the hemicycle to join in the fight, under the dumbfounded looks of the deputies, who have remained calmly seated on their bench. Tuesday, Jordanian deputies came to blows for a word, a little word, which was to make its appearance in the Constitution of the Hashemite kingdom: “Jordanian”.

It is a desperate scene, in one of the rare stable regimes in the Middle East, which, like others, has experienced a feminist impulse in recent years. The Jordanian Parliament debated the feminization of the Constitution, in the section “Rights and duties of Jordanians” (and Jordanian women, therefore). The Law Commission had approved an amendment proposed by the government itself.

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