Men and women, new love for Oscar Branzani? That’s who she is

Of the private life of Oscar Branzanilately there has been a lot of talk but without having anything certain and confirmed.

We learned about the 32-year-old Neapolitan long before his experience on television. For years he was the boyfriend of the lucky influencer Chiara Biasi, with which, however, the relationship ended badly. From that disappointment Cheeseshad the opportunity to redeem himself and make himself known to the public not only for being the “Influencer’s boyfriend“But simply how Oscar Branzani.

His path as a tronista a Men and women it was certainly one of the most loved by the whole audience “men and women“. We all remember the numerous funny curtains with the colleague of the throne Andrea Damantebut also the numerous squabbles with the one who subsequently was his choice: Eleonora Rocchini. The two, after having fascinated the public, lived a long love story away from the cameras, made up of everyday life, coexistence and sincere love. Love which, however, has come to an end after four years.

If on the one hand, after some time, Eleonora closed the chapter with the former tronista, making a steady couple with Nunzio Moccia (ex-boyfriend of the sister of Oscar Branzani), nothing concrete has been known about the young Campanian. Over the years, however, there have been rumors of numerous flirtations attributed to him. We remember the one with Federica Lelli, known to the public for being the former historian of the singer Ultimo. And again, yet another rumor, the one that saw him alongside the Florentine model Chiara Frullini.

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All rumors, apparently unfounded or at least never confirmed by the person concerned. In the last few hours, however, just Oscar he decided to expose himself more than usual. Through a Instagram Story posted a photo of his hand wrapped around that of a woman. Everything would therefore suggest that the heart of the former face of Men and women is currently engaged.

But who is the lucky one? The portal of VeryInutilPeople who wrote:

Who is she? Her name is Alexia Cotruta. Several news circulate about her origins: there are those who claim that she is Romanian and lives in Sardinia. One of our sources, on the other hand, told us that she would be Moldovan and she would live in Padua. We know for a fact that she is 20, and it would appear that Oscar you have been wooing her since early summer. Just last night they were spotted at the Ritual Club in Costa Smeralda. Will it be love?



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