Men and women, former suitor sbrocca on social media

Thick curly hair, magnetic gaze, amber skin: classic Mediterranean beauty that certainly does not go unnoticed. Noemi Baratto was undoubtedly one of the most beautiful suitors of the last edition of Men and women. Chosen by the former tronista Matteo Fioravantithe couple broke up a few weeks after the dating show ended due to character differences.

Filed romance with Matteo, Naomi she dedicates herself to her work, even though she has not stopped being very active on social networks. Recently, right on Instagram, she ended up in the crosshairs of haters. Several followers and keyboard lions showered her with insults for her excessive thinness.

Many commented on the photos of Noemi Baratto with inappropriate comments, even comparing it to a stranger. At the umpteenth phrase like “scare”, “make an impression”, the former suitor of Men and women she indulged in a long outburst and published the criticism that came directly to her:

This is just to give you an example, honestly, I’m broke. I am full, people of all ages with malice that exceeds even the body’s liters of blood. But I wonder, didn’t your brain evolve in 2022? Don’t you have experiences that make you grow and aware of many things and how you live?

The only thing to think about is that you are aware of your crappy life or your mind is not even able to recognize it given the smallness.

You broke up. Sometimes I’m also afraid to read comments and messages for fear of being upset, but I think I’ve gotten used to it. You pity me with all due respect.

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