A few days ago, Melanight cracked on social networks after seeing Romain again. It’s been a little while now that the two reality TV candidates have broken up. So far, those who have participated in The Battle of the Couples 3 kept the reasons for their separation secret and the young woman said she was always ready to give her love story a chance. But today, things really seem to have stalled. Heartbroken and still in tears, Melanight took to her Instagram story to really announce what ended her relationship with Romain.

Melanight et Romain – Credit (s): instagram @ romain.benn

Melanight first confided that what we could read about her and Romain in the celebrity news was false: Know that it is not his fault, there was no deception nor all these atrocities said on the networks … I am very jealous and possessive and I forbid Romain to see people, his “pseudos friends” who are useless, pushy and hypocrites … Me, I went to see friends who did not like Romain or whom Romain didn’t want me to see. And he said to me: ‘If you’re going to see your girlfriends, I’m going to see my friends’. “

Romain’s ex added: “That’s why it’s over. It’s complicated… The cause of my breakup is that I’m too jealous and possessive.” Still in tears, Melanight did not fail to then put the haters, who are delighted at his breakup, in their place, dropping them one or two pretty insults in the process. Even with a broken heart, this one has not lost its spice! Also, after the recent breakup of Melanight and Romain, their former friend Julie Bertin reacted.

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