Another person expressed himself Duchess Meghans private family and friends to her in public. This time it’s her father once more Thomas Markle. The 76-year-old finds devastating words for his daughter’s appearance on “The Ellen Show”. Opposite to The Sun he spoke out against his daughter. Your visit to the moderator Ellen Degeneres he found “embarrassing”: “You insulted the Queen, the royal family and the British people.”

Hidden camera: embarrassing appearance at Ellen DeGeneres

For a prank in the show, the woman from Prince Harry with a hidden camera to a street market and did everything the presenter said into her ear through a microphone. “She’s completely made an idiot and she should give up her title,” said Thomas Markle against the Duchess of Sussex. He also said his family felt “embarrassed” by Meghan’s behavior on the talk show. Thomas Markle loves his daughter, but her appearance was “ridiculous” for him.

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