Meghan stayed in a suite of 18,000 euros a night: ‘She only complained’

Before son Archie was born, Meghan flew back home to stay in a mega luxury suite in America during her baby shower. The suite looks like a dream and yet Meghan would only have complained…

Staying in a suite for $18,000 a night would be a dream come true for just about anyone. But for Meghan, even this expensive suite didn’t seem good enough: she would have only complained.

‘She described it as misery’

Tom Bower, author of the book Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the war between the Windsors, has devoted an entire chapter in the book to Meghan’s baby shower. Eight weeks before Archie was born, Harry and Meghan spent five days in an expensive suite in New York.

They checked in at The Mark Hotel and were allocated a suite for 18,000 euros per night. A dream come true, you would think. But nothing turned out to be less true. “She described it as misery,” Tom Bower wrote in the book. “It was like surviving behind a prison wall.”

The suite is described on the hotel’s website as ‘the pinnacle of modern luxury’. The suite covers an area of ​​over 900 square meters and features five bedrooms, six bathrooms and a huge roof terrace. Still, apparently it wasn’t good enough for Meghan.

View images of the suite HERE

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