Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly engaged, here’s how they celebrated the news and it’s chilling

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Good news ! Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly got engaged and the two lovers celebrated the news in a totally unlikely way.

Last October, the many fans of KUWTK and internet users were ecstatic when they learned that Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker were engaged. After having formalized their sentimental relationship a few months earlier, the two lovers have therefore announced that they are preparing for the wedding! This time, it was two close friends of the couple who shared happy news on social networks. As you will have understood, we are obviously talking about Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly who, overjoyed, announced that they would also be getting married very soon.

And it is accompanied by a sublime video showing the marriage proposal that Megan Fox expressed herself: “In July 2020, we sat under this banyan tree. We asked for magic. We were oblivious to the pain we would face together in such a short and frenetic period of time. Unaware of the work and the sacrifices that the relationship would demand of us but intoxicated by love. And karma. Somehow, a year and a half later, after going through hell together and laughing more than I ever would have conceived, he asked me to marry him. And just like in every lifetime before this, and like in every lifetime after this, I said yes.”. For its part, Machine Gun Kelly has unveiled a video of the sublime ring of his future wife, composed of an emerald and a diamond.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly celebrated their engagement in a totally unlikely way

To finish, 35-year-old actress reveals she and her beau celebrated the good news by “drinking each other’s blood”. A clarification that shocked many Internet users but also quickly gave way to congratulations: “Oh my God this love between bulls is real! I knew it”, “Congratulations to the cute couple”, “Megan I’m so happy for you!”, “Congratulations to you two”, “Cutest couple”, ” What good news! Congratulations!”, “Noooo they got engaged! So good!”, “This ring is so beautiful” could we read in particular under the two posts. The wedding promises to amaze.


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