Meeting with Crystal Palace, Ethik ten Hag on newcomers, impressive youth – news digest for 19 July

Today will be the next match in the 2022 tour. Manchester United will face Crystal Palace. The game will start at 13:10 Moscow time.


Erik ten Hag answered questions before the match.

What did you learn about the team during your time away with the players and staff?

You study character, and behavior tells you something about people. It’s good to know about it. When you work on the field, you learn a lot about a player, but you also want to know the history of the players. This is ideal in a situation where you are only together for a week. It’s perfect.

The tour gives you the opportunity to meet the fans and find out how popular United are all over the world, how did you feel?

Yes, it’s a very nice feeling and I think it’s also for the players who get the support of many, many [людей] around the world.

And what was your experience in Thailand and Australia, in these new countries?

I’ll say we’re busy. We are busy developing the team, so we don’t have much time to walk around the city, look around, see something, the culture in the country, what kind of people are there. We have no time. We spend all our time on the team.

In terms of matches, the team scored eight goals in two games. How satisfied are you with the way the team attacked and used their chances?

The players on the team are doing really well and they are responding well to the training, the exercises, the game plan and the principles we put in. These are sprouts. Are we satisfied with this? This is the starting point. It’s not even three weeks since we started working, so there’s still a long way to go and there’s a lot of room for improvement. But so far, the guys have been doing pretty well.

Did you like the way Melbourne Victoria were beaten? We conceded a quick goal, but showed patience to get back into the game against a team that defended a lot. Did the team show the qualities that you want to realize this season?

Of course, the attitude to failures, you need to be able to cope with them. Of course, it’s bad that we conceded an early goal, but it’s important how you react and how the team does it. We did everything well. As you say, they showed patience. They needed to find options on how to counter such a team. They played very low and compact. It was difficult to create chances, but I think in the second part of the first half we created three or four really good football chances, and that makes me happy.

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Has your time on tour given you a better idea of ​​your first line-up to start the season, or could things change?

No, I don’t think you can talk about the starting lineup. We need a team. There are more games this season than before because of the World Cup. We need squad depth, so we need more than just 11 starting players, and we’re working on that.

Did anything surprise you on tour that you didn’t expect?

Not really. But it’s hard to get an idea. I never had a tour experience, and now I have. I really enjoy visiting these countries where I spend time with the team abroad and I think it’s a good experience.

You invited Mitchell [ван дер Гаага] and Steve [Маккларена] his assistant coaches by contacting some of the existing staff who were already with the club. What did you enjoy most about working together?

The most positive thing is that we worked well together. It always takes time. The coaching staff is in a good mood, and we also have a base that we can expand.

Christian Eriksen joined us over the weekend and his name is familiar to all English football fans. How much do you admire him as a player?

The fact that we got him and he is now in our team already says everything, because we were very selective. The point was not to attract players, but to attract the right players. I am very glad that we managed to achieve success with Christian Eriksen.

Do you think it will fit into the existing lineup?

This is what we are waiting for. That is why we signed it. I am convinced that he will fit into the squad and in some aspects of our game will help us. I’m looking forward to it.

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He is a player with a lot of experience, especially in English football. How satisfied are you with the balance that is now in the line-up, in terms of experience and youth?

I think it’s pretty good. As you said? He is an experienced player. He played abroad, in Italy, in Holland, for a long time in England, so he knows the Premier League. The fact that we have it is our advantage.

Do you think the fans at Old Trafford will really appreciate it? He was applauded when he played there last year, do you think he will be popular with the fans?

I think he is a great player and I think the fans will enjoy watching him because he is creative and has ideas. I think our attackers will also be especially happy, because it is he who will be able to involve them in the game.

The club also signed Lisandro Martinez. Having worked with him before, what do you think he can bring to United?

He is a warrior and I think the fans will admire him. He has the right attitude, fighting spirit. He brings aggressiveness to the game, in a good way. I think we need it. But besides that, he is also skillfully able to handle the ball, he is also left-handed.

Based on what you know about the Premier League, do you think that morale will help him adapt quickly?

I think it’s important, yes. I think the Premier League is high intensity, a lot of testing. We need such players. I heard the South Americans call it… grin. Controlled, aggressive. This is needed in the game, and we have such a player.

Do you think it will be easier for him because he has worked with you before, will it be easier to understand what you are trying to implement here?

He knows certain ideas. This is a clear advantage. But he also has to adapt to a new country, a new club, new teammates. So a lot will be different.

United fans will be looking forward to their performance. When do you think they will be able to play?

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Unfortunately, we can’t see them here on the tour, because the moment they arrive here, we will have to fly back. So it doesn’t make sense. We can’t wait to get them on our team, and the fans can’t wait either. This happens every year, just like a coach, you want your team to be completed as soon as possible. But also the fans are looking forward to new players, what kind of squad and what contribution they can make, they want to see it.

Another game against the Premier League team. It’s the perfect preparation for the season…

I think yes. We’re facing three Premier League clubs on this tour so I think it’s good for the team. Of course, most players know what to expect, but the preseason is still a good opportunity to face these teams.

And finally, another game in the MCG. What do you think of this arena? It’s pretty impressive, isn’t it?

It is, and I think we are not used to such stadiums. It’s a big field and the fans are pretty far away. Everything is huge. It was a good experience.

Team funding from their owners over the past 10 years:

Training for Crystal Palace:

Telegraph writes that Charlie Savage and Zidane Iqbal are sympathetic to Erik ten Hag [как игроки].

Unfortunately, this list cannot yet be replenished by James Garner, who is watching the games from the side due to injury. But this couple was able to impress the coach in the pre-season tour.

The publication also reports that ten Hag has reduced the time that players spend on all sorts of commercial stuff, filming in commercials, shows, public appearances and interviews. The team is on tour in order to work primarily on the field.

Backstage from the away kit presentation:

The shape of the cosmos, do you agree?

Meanwhile, Arsenal are finalizing a deal with Man City for Oleksandr Zinchenko for £30m + £2m in bonuses.

Spanish Edition AS[s] reports that Atlético have been in contact with Ronaldo. United do not want to let the Portuguese go.

Finally a random photo the drug lord Memphis Depay. I know you are bored.



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