Meeting of the Central Census Committee on Military Service

Meeting of the Central Census Committee on Military Service

The Central Census Committee for Military Service met on Thursday in Rabat to prepare for the incorporation of conscripts for the year 2023.

“At the end of the period devoted to the census relating to military service with a view to incorporating those called up for military service, and in application of the High Royal Instructions of HM King Mohammed VI, may God assist him, Supreme Leader and Chief General Staff of the Royal Armed Forces, the Central Census Committee relating to military service held, on March 2, at the headquarters of the Ministry of the Interior under the chairmanship of the judge, President of the Chamber at the Court of Cassation, a meeting devoted to setting the criteria to be adopted for the selection of the names of young men and women called upon to perform military service under the next contingent”, indicates a press release from the Ministry of the Interior.

In the light of the criteria approved by the Central Committee, lists comprising the names of the conscripts, women and men who will form the next contingent, will be drawn up, taking into account the classification and ranks indicated by the competent military authorities, the statement said. The conscripts will be directed to the aforementioned authorities as soon as possible, in order to allow them to initiate the procedures relating to the summons of the conscripts and their incorporation into military service on the scheduled date.

The census operation relating to military service, which prepares the training of the next contingent, has identified a group of 149,595 women and men, including 17,517 women, the statement concludes.

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