Culture Minister Rima Abdul Malak, at the Elysee Palace on August 23, 2023.

Culture Minister Rima Abdul Malak, at the Elysée Palace on August 23, 2023. — Jacques Witt

Rima Abdul Malak in turn enters into the controversy concerning Medina. The Minister of Culture ruled on Sunday that the rapper, invited to the summer universities of environmentalists, had in recent years had “very problematic remarks and attitudes”, ranging from a gesture to a recent tweet, both “anti-Semitic” .

During meetings of the EELV party, then a debate at the LFI summer days, at the end of August, Médine assured that he was not anti-Semitic, pleading errors and blunders, as in the controversial tweet targeting the essayist Rachel Khan – Jewish and granddaughter of a deportee – for which he had to apologize.

“It’s much more serious than a clumsiness”

“Medina, in recent years, has had a number of very problematic remarks and attitudes,” said the minister, invited on Sunday by the program “Softpower” on France Culture. “From the quenelle which is a very clearly anti-Semitic gesture, to song lyrics like “I’m going to saw off the tree of secularism” (…) to a recent tweet which smells quite strongly of anti-Semitism attacking Rachel Kahn , homophobic remarks, we are not going to list them all, ”she continued.

For the member of the government, “all of this cannot simply be described lightly as “awkwardness”. It is much more serious than a clumsiness and for me it is inadmissible”.

According to Rima Abdul Malak, “today, the fight against anti-Semitism must have no ambiguity”. Ecologists “got lost in an attempt to buzz and moreover it worked”, she said again. “It made great publicity in Medina, which I regret.”