Medicine, tomorrow the office of the 1139 aspiring trainees

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July 19, 2021 9:51 am

The Mur has established the date and procedures for the admission competition to the Specialization Schools with access reserved for graduates in Medicine and Surgery. The test will be national and will be held for the entire Italian territory tomorrow 20 July.

The Paduan test

The test, carried out on an application created by Cineca, will be held using a PC and consists of multiple answers to 140 questions for which candidates will have 210 minutes available. The number of candidates assigned to Padua is 1139. It is lower than in previous years as the Mur, due to the pandemic emergency, has required all universities that have a School of Medicine and Surgery to make themselves available (in previous years the number was 1413 last year and 1782 in 2019, since Padua is the only university in the Triveneto to host postgraduates, while this year the selections are also held in Verona, Trieste, Udine and Trento). The rehearsal will be held in Padua at the Ente Fiera pavilion 7, starting at 2.00 pm tomorrow 20th July. The university has implemented all the controls and all the actions aimed at combating Covid-19 in synergy with the Ministry and as usual for all the activities that involve it. The Ministry has not yet determined the number of contracts awarded to Padua and not even the division between the Schools. On a national level, specialist medical training contracts have increased, reaching more than 13,000.


The Specialization Schools activated and accredited at the University of Padua by the Mur are 47, those with the highest number are: Anesthesia and resuscitation, Pediatrics, General Surgery, Internal Medicine, Emergency and Urgency Medicine, Geriatrics.


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