The approximately 430 children who attempted the quizzone that gives the opportunity to access the degree course in Medicine and Surgery come out tried by a long day. They had one hundred minutes, just over an hour and a half, to answer the sixty questions on the test. The test started, as in all Italian universities, at 13, but to stagger the accesses to the Rizzi scientific center and to carry out all the checks, a quarter of them had to show up at 9.30, equipped with Ffp2 mask and by Green pass.

A wait defined as “excruciating” by the unfortunate with a surname close to the beginning of the alphabetical order, who had to wait for over three hours for the arrival of the crucial task to gain access to the career that many of them dream of undertaking since they were little ones. «We have organized four rounds of entry. The first entered at 9.30 and the last at 12.30. We were a bit apprehensive because it was the first time that the Green pass was checked so extensively at university, but everything went very well, the apps worked »comments the president of the medical degree course Bruno Grassi with satisfaction.

“Of the 450 registered, only about twenty people did not show up. This year, like last year, the test was organized on a provincial basis to reduce the movement of people as much as possible. Almost 370 were those who selected Udine as the first choice, but we will only be able to take 150. If no other investments are made, we have reached the peak of places that can be offered by the University of Udine », adds Grassi.

Divided into 7 classrooms, each containing from 50 to 70 people, the children faced a test that according to many was harder than expected. Net of the various “no comments”, there are also those who are quite satisfied with the result. «I expected it to be simpler» comments Giada Amendola. Even those who try the test after a year of university in related subjects, like you and Giacomo Toneatto, veterans of a year in pharmacy, say that: “The chemistry part was very difficult, the questions took a lot of time”.

Giulia Sala and Giulia Beltrame attended a year of biotechnology before this test: «Logic and mathematics are the toughest parts». On the other hand, no great oddity on the part of general culture: «There were no particular questions like the one about Tolkien last year», comments Beltrame. All those who have already faced a year of university before attempting the test are hoping for a good result this year and for a new beginning, with a more normal university experience, not marked by closures, openings and poor social opportunities.

For them it is the second summer in which they give up their holidays in the hope of entering medicine. Even for those who graduated this year, and who are therefore fresher than studies on some parts of the test, the test was more difficult than expected.

This is how it happened to Jamal Cozzutti, for example, who graduated from Copernicus this year (“ancestor more similar to simulations “) and also to Alessandro Martinis, who has just finished the Marinelli (” I had never done such a difficult test “). Chemistry, mathematics and physics are the most difficult parts for the two. Physics is also the most difficult part for Bianca Bresadola, who graduated from the European classic of Uccellis and has dreamed of becoming a doctor since she was little. He is not unbalanced on his chances of success: “It will also depend on how others have done it,” he says. The strangest thing? “No questions about viruses, or vaccines. We frankly expected it, ”comments Marta D’Agostini, who graduated this year from Marinelli.

Summer on books is not at all a burden on schoolmate Francesca Rieppi, who is all in all satisfied with the result: «The part of general culture was feasible, very scholastic. Having had a little more time to check the logic part would have been useful. ‘ And in addition to those who dreamed of being a doctor for a lifetime, there are also those like Giulia Gentile who made the decision to take the test at the last minute: “A choice due to situations that have occurred in the family: I hope to be admitted and being able to help others », he comments.


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