Torreón, Coahuila.- After a considerable impact, in the students who were in the third, fourth and fifth years of the degree of Surgeon at the Faculty of Medicine of the UA of Coahuila Torreón Unit, since, due to the pandemic It stopped the activity of the practices that they carried out in the laboratory in person, fortunately the situation has already been regularized and currently 100% of the students of the aforementioned degrees, are already again with practical learning directly at the University Hospital, as reported Dr. Salvador Chavarría Vázquez, director of the hospital.

“We now have everyone integrated, inclusive, as we vaccinated the boys, we achieved practically 70% of the students are already integrated (face-to-face), those who still persist at home and with certain digital subjects, are the first and second year, but those that already involves the laboratory, which is the hospital, and all of them are fully integrated ”, he explained in this regard.

Due to the lack of practice in the students, Dr. Chavarría recognized that there was a deficiency in the sense of the transmission of knowledge, so they will have to carry out said instrumentation to assess, to what degree they were affected:

“The degree to be a Surgeon implies preparation, not only in the sense of the knowledge transmitted, but also requires certain instruments of application in the practical area, there we were very disadvantaged in the levels of third, fourth and fifth year, and social service and hospitalization, in such a way that activity was very restricted in such high outbreaks, when there was no vaccination, that we moved away from direct practices with patients, so there is a deficiency in that regard ”.

Fortunately, that was left behind, stressed the director of the Faculty of Medicine, indicating that vaccination had a lot to do with improving conditions and being able to return to face-to-face activity.


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