Medical fatwas that cause angina pectoris

Since the emergence of social networking applications until now, we have seen many people who practice medical or health fatwas, some of them talk about their personal experience, some give fatwas based on the experiences of their mother, others give fatwas with applied ignorance, and another group put themselves in the place of health authorities, sometimes they warn, and sometimes They are skeptical, and others find them experts who dictate their health behaviors and behaviors to people, and I wish the matter remained that, but went beyond all this to find some of them prescribing medicines, treatments and health practices through social media, or even in WhatsApp application groups, it is true that this matter It is not surprising in our societies that we always find people recommending medicines and treatments, or distributing some medicines and antibiotics to family members and some friends, acquaintances and co-workers based on previous experiences without the slightest safety standards and without experience, but according to the principle of “tie your finger and everyone who calls you.” Dua.” However, what has changed recently is that we are facing a situation in which some abuse these practices and issue their fatwas and medical advice without accountability or supervision.

Recently, health and fitness trainers, slimming experts and promoters of sexual enhancement drugs have also increased. In contrast to the presence of hundreds of thousands of publications and accounts that promote these programs and treatments, and the presence of those who have become owners of this profession electronically, you find that there is a mafia of electronic flies publishing millions of posts through social media. This is unlike the suspicious advertising campaigns that once you open a website, they attack you from everywhere without accountability or supervision.

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In addition to all this and that, we find that there are those who play the role of a counselor, psychiatrist or specialist in marital relations who provide advice and advice to their patients and followers through the means of communication without having any license or certificate to practice this difficult and complex profession, which requires honesty, honesty and keeping secrets, While most of them are anonymous and hide behind fake accounts, even if they are in fact qualified and real people, but practicing this profession in this way without the presence of organizational subscriptions creates a lot of problems, especially with regard to the confidentiality of patient information, as we find that there are those who may exploit This information is for his benefit without any fear, because there is no mechanism to hold them accountable and punish them.

It is no longer acceptable, and it is creating many problems, especially since we have experienced during the Corona pandemic what these practices have become, and we have seen the extent to which this scourge has spread in our digital circles and our community councils, and it is necessary to address it in a tight manner and hold accountable all those who promote healthy practices without That a person practicing the profession obtains permits to publish his medical or health ideas and opinions on the means of communication and the Internet, this is in contrast to the intensification of awareness campaigns in this aspect, especially since there is a state of health instability in the world after the emergence of widespread cases of monkeypox, so we do not want anyone to issue fatwas to us. Medical that brings us angina pectoris.

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• There is a mafia of electronic flies publishing millions of posts on social media.

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