Media Markt and Saturn: The parent company is apparently planning to take over a large competitor

Media Markt and Saturn: How likely is the takeover of Coolblue?

Ceconomy: Will the parent company of Media Markt and Saturn soon take over the competitor Coolblue?


Coolblue is an e-commerce company founded in 1999 and based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The group currently operates 15 branches in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. Coolblue has been active in this country since July 2020, when the first branch was opened in Düsseldorf.

As was recently announced, the group now wants to expand further in Germany. In addition to another store in Essen, the bicycle and delivery network is also to be significantly expanded.

It is currently difficult to estimate how likely it is that Ceconomy will ultimately take over Coolblue. Apart from the Manager Magazin report, no further information about the plans has leaked out so far.



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