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Media column “End credits”: Shaken – media


At Bild TV, the “product placement” probably goes so far that the moderators have to shake a milk drink along the way. And Marcel Reif looks embarrassed.

The picture Blog you have to be thankful for how detailed you deal with the many products of the Axel Springer publishing house. Without the media blog (“Critical information about German media since 2004”), anyone who did not already criticize it in YouTube comment columns would otherwise be the absurd advertising behavior in the Springer project Picture TV escaped. It has been around since this year image– Newspaper also as a television program. Consistent in itself, as publisher Axel Springer founded the image– Newspaper of his time as a “printed answer to television”.

Now that image actually makes television, the program looks more like the television response to a magazine, in which advertisements muck into editorial texts. In the show Ripe is live with football commentator Marcel Reif there seems to be a fixed segment in which the moderators have to shake a milk drink along the way, like a video compilation of the Bildblogs with the title “Bauernwerbetheater bei Bild TV” shows. Matthias Brügelmann from the imageEditor-in-chief becomes the James Bond of the cooling shelf and gets strawberry milk, “shaken, not stirred”.

The advertising agreement apparently goes beyond the mere placement of the plastic vials on the studio desk, it has to be shaken like a cocktail shaker, the contents poured into a glass and drunk, while the moderator and hoop talk about football as if nothing were. An excerpt: “The colleague Lewandowski, who scored in the cup, locked tomorrow in the Bundesliga” – in the middle of the sentence Brügelmann takes the milk with both hands and shakes it at shoulder height – “does he still manage the 40 goals?” Marcel Reif looks a bit embarrassed.

Another time, on behalf of the viewer, Reif emits an appreciative “Ooh” as his conversation partner – this time Image-Sports boss Walter Straten – reaches for the bottle and even wrestles a connection to the moderation: “The Schalke fans have been shaken a lot this year.”

The editor in chief of Image, Julian Reichelt, had Picture TV announced by the way with the words: “We convert the wild emotional world of people into exciting pictures.” At least for the wild emotional world of advertisers and bottle shakers, the show should already deliver exciting pictures.



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