Medellín Lottery: results, numbers and winners for Friday, March 10

Medellín Lottery: results, numbers and winners for Friday, March 10


Medellín Lottery jackpot on Friday, March 10

MEDELLIN LOTTERY | Travel bonus winner

Number: 601612

MEDELLIN LOTTERY | March 10 Winner

• The winning number is: 9162
• Serie: 182

The Medellín Lottery draw began

You can buy your Medellín Lottery ticket at Lottired until 8:30 p.m. on the day the draw is played, as well as download the application for your cell phone.

MEDELLIN LOTTERY | reward plan
Currently, the Medellín Lottery has a Prize Plan of $24,489,985,542 distributed as follows:

– 1 Grand Prize of $10,000,000,000

– 1 dry of $300’000,000

– 1 dry of $100,000,000

– 2 dry of $50’000,000

– 5 dry of $20,000,000

– 25 dry of $10,000,000

– Payment to the Grand Prize without series $21,000,000

Buy your Medellín Lottery ticket now and tonight your life could change forever.

A Major Prize of $12,000 Million, a super dry of $800 million, another 36 spectacular dry prizes and billions of pesos in approximations are what it has for the Medellín Lottery.

Today, follow here the results, numbers and winners of draw 4669 of the Medellín Lottery, one of the highest paying in Colombia.

Change your luck instantly! Buy your Medellín Lottery ticket at Lottired.

MEDELLIN LOTTERY | How much is the ticket?
Each Medellín Lottery ticket is priced at $18,000 Colombian pesos and is made up of 3 fractions. Each individual fraction has a value of $6,000 Colombians.

Don’t miss the Medellín Lottery tonight, which will hold a Special Draw this Friday, March 10.

MEDELLIN LOTTERY | Play the raffle of the week and become a millionaire

MEDELLIN LOTTERY | What time is the draw played?

Take into account that this draw is played every Friday night (11:00 pm) and if it is a holiday, the game is postponed to the next business day. In addition, the results of the main chances that delivered new winners during this day were also known.

The ‘Medellín Lottery’ is the main product of the entity, it is part of the sector of games of luck and chance in the traditional or ticket lottery category. The mechanics consists of hitting the four-figure jackpot and its series, additionally, the prize plan offers multiple options to win thanks to the dry prizes and the payment of some Major Approaches.

MEDELLIN LOTTERY | Giveaway Details

Of all the lotteries that are played in Colombia, the one in Medellín is one of the few that has managed to retain the interest of players over the years.

Welcome Depor readers. In this minute by minute we will let you know the winning numbers of the ‘Medellín Lottery’ corresponding to Friday, March 10 in Colombia. Good luck!



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