Meanwhile in F1 | Red Bull records fastest pit stop of the year at Verstappen

Between all the important news you can miss a few things during a Grand Prix weekend. No worries, F1Maximum keeps you informed in the section ‘Meanwhile in …’ about all the sense and nonsense from the world of Formula 1.

Red Bull records fastest pit stop of the year at Verstappen

Red Bull Racing has recorded the fastest pit stop of this season during the Hungarian Grand Prix. Max Verstappen’s tire change took only 1.88 seconds, a record in 2021. Check out the lightning-fast pit stop below.

Ricciardo gives Norris very remarkable penalty

McLaren attended a test session at the Hungaroring with both Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo. While Norris is doing his laps, Ricciardo can’t help but play around with him. He hands his teammate a very remarkable penalty. ‘Pen15’ can be read there. We’ll leave it up to you what this means exactly…

The mutual admiration between Verstappen and Alonso

Fernando Alonso did Max Verstappen a nice service in Hungary with excellent defensive work against Lewis Hamilton. Long before he indirectly assisted the Dutchman in the title fight, the mutual respect between the two gentlemen was already there. In this beautiful compilation it becomes clear that Verstappen looks up to the Spaniard, and that Alonso fully enjoys the aggressive racing miracle.

Alonso: ‘Lewis always complains about the on-board radio’

The fact that Esteban Ocon won the Hungarian Grand Prix was partly due to teammate Fernando Alonso’s excellent defense against the on-rushing Lewis Hamilton. The two were fiercely fighting each other, which once led to dismay at Hamilton. The Briton complained about the on-board radio about his Spanish colleague, who can do little with it. “Lewis is always complaining,” he winks in conversation with Ziggo Sports.

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Verstappen: ‘There is no limit, the car is just broken..’

Max Verstappen finished the Hungarian Grand Prix with half a car, and felt this on the track. Riding approximately two thirds of the full race distance, his engineer asked him where the balance limit was. ‘There is no limit, the car is just broken..’, the Dutchman responded, who eventually finished tenth.

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Hamilton passes Verstappen in Hungary after successful undercut

Max Verstappen was one of the gentlemen who might have made it difficult for Lewis Hamilton on the track in Hungary. In the end, there was no fight between the two ruffs. A well-thought-out strategy by the German team ensured that a pit stop of under two seconds was not enough to keep the Mercedes behind the Red Bull.

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How Gasly avoided the huge crash in Hungary

During the start of the Hungarian Grand Prix, Valtteri Bottas caused a huge crash, in which several drivers were the victims. Pierre Gasly was able to avoid the crash in a beautiful way, Formula 1 treats us to the on-board images of the AlphaTauri driver.

Engineer Verstappen: ‘Not bad with half a car!’

Max Verstappen’s aerodynamic advantage was gone in Hungary, as was apparent from the fight he had with Mick Schumacher. He didn’t get past the young German for long, but when he finally got hold of him, he received a nice message from engineer Gianpiero Lambiase.

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Leclerc reacts emotionally after dropping out in Hungary

You could safely say that Charles Leclerc was disappointed when he retired during the Hungarian Grand Prix. The Monegask was on his SF21 after the incident with Lance Stroll on the first lap. Judging by his emotional reaction, he was terribly disappointed that his race ended early.

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Stroll torpedoed Leclerc at race start in Hungary

Because of all the tumult around Valtteri Bottas you almost forget that it wasn’t just the Finn that went wrong in Hungary. Lance Stroll was a little further back in the field and attempted a kamikaze-like overtake at Charles Leclerc on the inside of the first corner. It resulted in a DNF to himself, as well as to the Monegask, whose engine was rendered useless after the collision.

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Red Bull put in fastest pit stop of the season in Hungary

Red Bull put in a lightning-fast pit stop at the Hungaroring, namely within 1.88 seconds. Check out the images of the quick tire change here.

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New photo of Verstappen car shows ‘bite’ from RB16B

New photos of Max Verstappen’s RB16B have surfaced after the first-lap incident in Hungary. As you can see, a huge bite has been taken out of the Red Bull’s right side, leading to a massive loss of downforce. No wonder the Dutchman did not get further than ninth place when he drove with such damaged equipment.

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Romantic photo of Verstappen and girlfriend on Instagram

On the track things are not exactly going well for Max Verstappen at the moment, but off the track everything seems to be going well for the Dutchman. Friend Kelly Piquet is still very happy with her boyfriend, she shares on Instagram.

Verstappen overtakes Schumacher with ‘half a car’

In the first laps after the restart, Max Verstappen, with his damaged RB16B, is stuck behind Mick Schumacher’s Haas. In lap 14, however, he manages to pass the handsome defensive German. It’s his first overtake of the day. Race engineer Gianpiero Lambiase compliments the Dutchman about the on-board radio: ‘Not bad with half a car!’

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Hamilton’s restart, single-handedly in front of the lights

During the red flag, the sun began to shine over the Hungaroring, and the wet asphalt quickly dried up. When the restart came, all the drivers on intermediates went out for the formation lap. However, the track turned out to be completely dry, so all drivers immediately went back to the pits for dry weather tires. All drivers, except Lewis Hamilton, who was the only one to start from the starting grid on inters. It produced this bizarre picture, with Hamilton starting all alone from pole position:

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