McDonald's opens its first fully robotic drive-thru

This McDonald’s restaurant runs with a few employees, including one made entirely of metal, motors and computer programs.

The doors to fully automatic are open and the world of catering is one of the pioneers in this field. McDonald’s, a brand renowned for its Big Mac and for its innovative approaches, has just opened its first (almost) fully robotic restaurant. The restaurant – the first of its kind for the brand – has been open since December for better or for worse.

This happens near the city of Fort Worth in the state of Texas in the United States. From the outside, fast food doesn’t look so different from the others, and yet, if you go to the drive-thru, it’s not a human who will give you your order. As user @foodiemunster on TikTok shows us, it’s actually a robotic arm that hands you the bags with your sandwiches inside.


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In the restaurant, the changes are also felt. Not a human in sight, only empty counters and a few terminals welcome you to take your order and pay for it. A McDonald’s spokesperson said the Texas store uses “improved technology that allows the restaurant team to start preparing customer orders when they are near the restaurant.”

Towards a completely robotized world?

With the goal of improving the overall performance of the brand, this robotization system increases the speed of order picking and also avoids oversights. Obviously this raises a number of questions and causes concern among those who see this stage as the beginning of a dystopia. Do not panic, the company explains that in the restaurant are employed the same number of people or almost as in a more traditional sign.

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There will always be employees to prepare the sandwiches… at least for now. However, the situation has enough to irritate the inhabitants of the region as well as the group’s employees, who are demanding better wages. McDonald’s response with its investment was therefore not unanimous. One could imagine a world where we would be served only by robots, although a long way would still have to be covered to achieve this goal.



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