McDonald’s: Muslima orders a burger – brazenly what it’s topped with!

McDonald’s: Muslim woman orders burgers for her children – what she finds on them is just cheeky!

Burger King vs McDonalds – the fast food giants compared

Burger King vs McDonalds – the fast food giants compared

What is the difference between the two fast food giants McDonalds and Burger King?

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Unfortunate accident or bad intention? A woman in the US feels of McDonald’s properly bullied.

The reason: she is a Muslim – but how McDonald’s preparing her burger shocks her.

McDonald’s: pork bacon on burger for Muslim woman

Ghadir Alahmar just wanted a quick snack with her kids McDonald’s obtain. But in one branch she was downright discriminated against. She ordered fish burgers for herself and the children. She got that too – but additionally topped with pork bacon. He reports that

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In your opinion, that was fully intentional. After all, it is “well known that Islam forbids Muslims to eat pork,” according to the official complaint. The action is nothing other than insulting.

McDonald’s employee with discriminatory action

Alahmar apparently wore religious clothing, such as a headscarf, during her visit. She also spoke with an accent. That should have been the reason for the brazen action, according to the “Spiegel”.


This is McDonald’s:


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“McDonald’s made my children and I feel unwanted and worthless,” she wrote in the letter of complaint. The children were also unsettled by the incident. “They ask me: do they hate us How is a mother supposed to answer that question?” asks Alahmar.

McDonald’s customer takes legal action after incident

Now the woman is taking legal action against McDonald’s. Ghadir Alahmar got the purchase price back, but that’s not enough for her. Her official complaint went to the Massachusetts Anti-Discrimination Commission, reports Der Spiegel.


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It is possible that McDonald’s will now pay damages. A lawyer for the Commission also hopes that McDonald’s will learn more in the future and train employees against discrimination. Because such behavior is not only illegal, “but also morally reprehensible.” (ts)



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