After the meeting, the Girondins striker spoke at the microphone of Prime Video. He was very tense after a slight altercation with the supporters of Metz.

In a match where feelings are fighting, frustration prevails. It is in this configuration that Mbaye Niang presented himself at the microphone of the broadcaster. He analyzes the behavior of his team.

Lack of respect for the opponent

M’Baye Niang: “Something happened with Yacine (Adli), there are people in the stands who insult, I want to believe that we can support his team, but there are words not to be said. I told him (to the supporter) to stop talking, and if he had a problem he would come down. We’re not here to talk about this. “

“Learn from your mistakes”

“Regarding the match, it’s a shame because we have a good 40 minutes, then we made mistakes of inexperience. We had a lack of respect for the opponent because we are starting to be arrogant, to become almost haughty, while we know our position, we know how important the result was. We put them back in the match, we knew it was going to be difficult. We will have to work and learn from these mistakes. coach, the ego must be put aside. ”

Vladimir Petkovic hasn’t checked them out yet [Joueur par joueur]


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