Mbappé saves Paris -2 PSG)

Mbappé saves Paris -2 PSG)


Three days after their elimination from the Champions League, Paris Saint-Germain won with difficulty on the Brest lawn (1-2), this Saturday, during the 27th day of Ligue 1. A victory obtained at the end of the game thanks Kylian Mbapp.

sport Mbapp saves Paris - Dbrief and NOTES from the players (SB29 1-2 PSG)

Mbapp scored the winning goal late in the game.

Small consolation for the supporters of Paris Saint-Germain. Three days after their defeat against Bayern Munich (2-0), the capital club won with difficulty Brest (1-2), this Saturday, during the 27th day of Ligue 1.

Very average for 90 minutes, Kylian Mbapp put on his savior cape to get his team out of the Breton trap, allowing the French champion to temporarily take a 11-point lead over Olympique de Marseille.

Honorat rpond Soler

A quick goal to reassure themselves, the Parisians put enormous pressure in the first quarter of an hour. An almost successful mission without a very good save from Bizot to repel Soler’s shot on the post. An interesting start then an air pocket and defensive errants on the side of Pembele, outflanked many times but systematically covered by Danilo and Ramos, once again solid behind.

Little by little, Paris came to its senses and Mbapp gave Bizot a cold sweat. On his second attempt, the Parisian captain forced the Dutch goalkeeper to make a save but Soler followed perfectly to adjust it with a recovery under the bar (0-1, 37th). Not enough to curb the ardor of Brest since Honorat, very prominent this evening, took advantage of a superb service from Del Castillo to go and deceive Donnarumma before the break (1-1, 43rd).

Mbapp dyed Brest

In the second half, the physiognomy of the match remained the same: dominating Parisians but not very dangerous, catchy Bretois who did not let themselves be done. Messi and Mbapp missed the target on their attempts while Soler made Bizot shine. Hot situations too isolated since nothing happened in the last 20 minutes … until additional time. Close to being expelled for a bad gesture on Belkebla, Mbapp turned off the light on a light counter (1-2, 90th + 1). Paris is doing well.

The score of the match: 4.5/10

A little show overall. Even if the Parisians dominated, the Brestois displayed a more biting face which was almost enough. A post-C1 meeting like the capital club has offered dozens of in recent years, that is to say without much conviction.

The goals :

– Found in the middle by Messi, Mbapp unleashes a heavy mid-height shot. Bizot pushes the ball with difficulty, which reaches Soler, more lively in the axis. With a resumption of the left foot, the Spanish midfielder deceives the opposing goalkeeper with the help of the bar (0-1, 37th).

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– Fadiga recovers the ball at the feet of Nuno Mendes very low in the Brest camp. It reaches Lees-Melou, Mouni, then Del Castillo. On the right, the Brest winger sends a sumptuous deep pass for Honorat, who takes advantage of Ramos’ slowness to spin towards Donnarumma, whom he deceives with a powerful shot under the bar (1-1, 43rd).

– In the area, Nuno Mendes clears the ball with a whipped pass low to the ground for Messi, 50 meters in front of him. The Argentinian slips a nice pass for Mbapp, who left the limit of offside, erases Bizot to find the fault with a flat foot low to the ground (1-2, 90th + 1).

Players’ NOTES

Maxifoot has assigned a score (out of 10) comments on each player.

Man of the match: Nuno Mendes (7/10)

Lots of enthusiasm for the left side. Victim of numerous faults, it was his loss of the ball that brought Brest the equalizing goal. He is much better on the way back from the locker room with many sharp calls before being behind the winning goal thanks to a wonderful right-footed boost for Messi. One of the only good standard in Paris.


Marco Bizot (6): six parades for the Dutch goalkeeper who has long rejected the deadline. He can blame himself on the action of Soler’s goal with an average save against Mbapp beforehand.

Noah Fadiga (5.5): good and less good for the Brest right-back, who suffered against Nuno Mendes. He can claim to be the recovery on the action leading to the goal of Honorat. Replace the 81st minute with Christophe Hrelle (non not).

Achraf Dari (4): aggressiveness, sometimes a little too much, for the Moroccan central defender, who was forced to put blows to slow down the Parisian attackers. He is not flawless on both goals with a lack of responsiveness on Soler’s and poor alignment on Mbapp’s.

Jean-Kevin Duverne (5): good interventions against Mbapp and Messi but also many risky raises which allowed Paris to recover the ball too easily. Just average.

Lilian Brassier (6): a serious match for the Brest left side which was little overwhelmed tonight. However, he could have been more daring in the offensive phase against a far from reassuring Pembele.

Pierre Lees Melou (5.5): a correct copy for the Brest captain. He allowed his midfield partners to stay high enough not to suffer too much. He let himself fall asleep a little in the last quarter of an hour.

Franck Honorat (6): a big first period for the Brest winger who gave the Parisian side a hard time. He equalizes after a nice run behind Ramos and a nice gesture in front of Donnarumma. Unfortunately for Brest, he was very discreet after the break.

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Hugo Magnetti (5): good activity but too average use of the ball. The Brest midfielder was behind Lees-Melou and Belkebla.

Haris Belkebla (7): the Algerian midfielder answered present. His constant pressing on Verratti was effective. Good recovery, he won the majority of his duels tonight (12/14). The Fennec is not far from causing the expulsion of Mbapp at the end of the game.

Romain Del Castillo (5.5): a great burst of energy but above all a luminous opening on the action leading to the equalizing goal of Honorat. Like his partner on the opposite wing, he was much less well after returning from the locker room. Replace 76th minute with Flix Lemarchal (not not).

Steve Mouni (4): a thankless match for the Beninese striker, little served this evening. He is however involved in the equalizing goal with a good gap for Del Castillo, decisive passer for Honorat. Replace the 67th minute with Jrmy Le Douaron (not not).


Gianluigi Donnarumma (5.5): another frustrating evening for the Italian goalkeeper who had almost nothing to do but had to bow on a shot under the bar signed Honorat. It is rather reassuring in the last quarter of an hour with authoritative interventions.

Timothee Pembele (3): the young defender was catastrophic from start to finish. Too ambitious, he left his zone many times, too often putting Ramos and Danilo in difficulty who tried to make up for his mistakes. He even managed to miss a touch in the second half… Replaced in the 75th minute by Juan Bernat (not not).

Sergio Ramos (5): a good first half hour to catch up with Pembele’s placement errors. What followed was more complicated with a very difficult retreat into the action of the goal scored by Honorat. Less convincing than against Bayern, the 2010 world champion was average.

Danilo Pereira (6.5): once again at the rendezvous this position of central defender. He was still one of the rare Parisians to progress at a decent level without ever overdoing it. A sure value.

Nuno Mendes (7): read comment above.

Marco Verratti (5): a lukewarm water tap from start to finish. Three days after his disastrous match in Munich, the Italian midfielder was still average with very limited influence. He succeeded too little in creating shifts in his passes.

Warren Zare-Emery (5): neither good nor bad. A barely average match for the young midfielder who was content to respect the most elementary instructions. Replace the 89th minute with Renato Sanches (not).

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Fabin Ruiz (3): the Spanish midfielder exudes elegance in his ball shots, but nothing happens when he is in possession of the leather. He tried to make himself available on the left side without being served by his partners. Replace the 75th minute with Vitinha (not not).

Carlos Soler (6.5): the midfielder passed through Valencia showed opportunism in this part. His first shot was pushed back by Bizot on the post, the second hit the bar before ending up in the back of the net. The most dangerous Parisian Brest. Replace the 81st minute with Hugo Ekitike (non not).

Lionel Messi (5): what a waste for the Argentine striker… Even if he showed himself involved in the game, the world champion missed almost everything, very often impaling himself on his opponents. The only two successful gestures? His shift ahead of Soler’s goal and his fine through pass for Mbapp on the winning goal.

Kylian Mbappe (4): the French striker, captain in the absence of Marquinhos, was mediocre for 90 minutes, even coming very close to expulsion at the end of the game for a bad gesture on Belkebla. He ended up finding the fault on a deep run after a good pass from Messi. An action that saves his rat match in large widths.

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BREST 1-2 PARIS SG (mi-tps: 1-1) – FRANCE – Ligue 1 / 27th day
Stadium: Stade Francis-Le Ble, Brest – Referee: Marc Bollengier, France

Buts : F. Honorat (43rd) for BREST – C. Soler (37th) K. Mbapp (90+1st) for PARIS SG
Warnings :

H. Belkebla (86e)

for BREST –

K. Mbapp (86e)



Mr. Bizot

A. From



N. Fatigue (C. Hrelle, 81e)


J. Duverne

P. Lees Melou

F. He honors


H. Belkebla


H. Magnetti


R. Del Castillo (F. Lemarchal, 76e)

S. Mouni (J. Le Douaron, 67e)


G. Donnarumma

Sergio Ramos


Danilo Pereira

T. Pembele (Juan Bernat, 75e)


N. Mendes

W. Zare-Emery (R. Sanches, 89e)


M. Verratti

C. Soler (H. Ekitike, 81e)


Fabin Ruiz (Vitinha, 75e)

L. Messi


K. Mbapp

Soler opened the scoring for Paris (0-1, 37th)

Honorat set the record straight for Brest (1-1, 43rd)

Mbapp offered the victory to PSG (1-2, 90th + 1)

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