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Mayor wants GMRC to return to basic education

The Mayor of San Fernando City, Edwin Santiago, advocates the return of good manners and good behavior (GMRC) subject to the basic curriculum.

Santiago said that revival of the GMRC or a topic based on values ​​formation is essential to ensure children a stronger foundation and a guiding principle as they age.

"I have advocated for strengthening early childhood care and development to help parents build a stronger foundation for their children, and I believe that this foundation should not focus solely on learning, but also teaching them the importance of human values ​​and relationships, "he said.

If possible, Santiago stated that the GMRC should be a full-fledged subject, which would be taught at least an hour a day, like any other academic subject such as English, mathematics or science.

"We need to give equal importance to each of these topics because we all know that the GMRC is also essential to the complete success of every individual," he said.

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