May God’s peace be upon the conference – Yemenat News website

May God’s peace be upon the conference – Yemenat News website


Anas Al-Qubati

On a personal level, I do not remember that I received any benefit from the General People’s Congress during its rule.

All I remember is that I was subjected to losses and harassment, the most recent of which was my name being dropped from membership in the Registration and Registration Committee in the 2003 elections, and being deprived of a job in 2006. However, we were opposed to the conference and its policies while we lived from our own work, even those jobs in which we worked for the state for wages. None of the conference leaders, with whom we disagreed and wrote about them in the newspapers, objected to the daily piece or piece.

Today, life is narrowing in our faces, to the point that we have become destitute, the means of life have been closed in our faces, and our opportunities for livelihood have been cut off. The levies imposed by the authority have led to a depression, reducing job opportunities, and many small projects have collapsed under the weight of the large levies, and a decline in the level of income resulting from the cuts. Salaries and lack of job opportunities, as one of the outcomes of the aggressive war against the homeland and the Yemeni people.

Today, the praisers, the drummers, the tambalis, the careerists, the opportunists, and the shoe-lickers have become favored with the leaders of today’s authorities, while the respected and successful specialists, and those with higher degrees, complain of poverty behind the walls of their homes.

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