Maxime, who after the Chateau Meiland– yesterday’s episode gets a lot of online shit, hasn’t been hacked (yet). She posted a Story last night in which she urges the many followers of the wine addict family not to respond to messages and posts from Erica.


After Dad, now it’s Mom’s turn. So one and all. “It’s really impossible to dosighs the brand new mother.If you get a message from her with a link, don’t click on it. No idea, but you never know. We are working on it.Martien also spoke up now that Erica has become the latest hack victim. He finally has his account back.

Girls not in need of money

The Meilandjes have just bought a new villa in Noordwijk and also own one. Chateau Marillaux B&B castle also still belongs to their real estate portfolio. ‘Erica’ who then comes up with a Story in which she asks for 150 dollars, is therefore a dead giveaway that this is a hacker. The family is of course not in need of money. The hacker also posted photos of all kinds of unknown women. Erica late Show news know they are working on the problem!

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