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The star family attended the friends’ holiday.

Last Sunday, 45-year-old Maxim Galkin, his 72-year-old wife Alla Pugacheva and seven-year-old children of the couple Lisa and Harry were invited to the 13th birthday of the son of their old friends Alexandra and Go Dostman… Yakov Dostman’s bar mitzvah was held at the Jewish Center in the elite village of Zhukovka. For the holiday, the Prima Donna, her husband and their twins chose leather jackets, which fit very elegantly into the image of each member of the star family. So, for example, the singer picked up a long fluffy skirt under her jacket.

Galkin himself shared the family onion in his microblog on Instagram. By the way, in the video, Maxim called the Prima Donna a beauty. The compliment, of course, went to the daughter of the humorist. But Harry decided to joke himself, calling himself “beauty”. “They are all fashionable,” summed up the author of the video.

The family of Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva were published

Note that Maxim regularly demonstrates his family to the public. So, last week, the heroine of one of the showman’s videos was Lisa, who boasted of a new coat given to her by her older half-sister Christina Orbakaite. And at the beginning of autumn, Galkin showed how he and his wife took the children to the second grade.

Recall that the son and daughter of Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva attend the First Moscow Gymnasium, which is located near the castle of the presenter and singer in the village of Gryaz. Harry and his sister gain knowledge of the international education system; within the walls of the institution they can go in for swimming and tennis. Their parents pay about three million a year for their studies. Preschool education also cost the showman and singer a decent amount. According to the estimates of journalists, up to six million a year could be spent on children. The twins attended a French kindergarten. They were taught by a music teacher, trainer and tutor.

Harry and Lisa Galkin

Maxim Galkin and his wife share the achievements of their son and daughter in their microblog on Instagram. So, Lisa and Harry Galkins sing in French, play music, sitting at the piano, dance and demonstrate excellent acting skills, playing in mini-productions at home. However, simple joys are not alien to twins. At the end of August, for example, the showman showed Harry riding a bicycle around the village where the whole family lives. A week earlier, the comedian posted a video of his son choosing pliers and double-sided tape at a local store.

Note also that Alla Borisovna gets into the lens of Galkin’s camera. The TV presenter regularly shows off his youthful wife in stylish outfits and impeccable makeup. Many say that at 72 years old, the Prima Donna looks more spectacular than, for example, 30 years ago. So, last week, Pugacheva and her husband posed for the premiere of Avdotya Smirnova’s series “Vertinsky”. The singer was in a gray trouser suit, her waist was intercepted by a wide black belt. The audience could also notice some transformation of the star: the reddish shade of the artist’s hair changed to an ashy blond.

However, Pugacheva made a real sensation at a private party on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Anastasia Ivleeva. The prima donna came to the cyberpunk event in ultra-short shorts and a transparent skirt, and she had an extravagant headdress on her head. “Why, I’m a spectator, I dress as I want!” – commented on her image Alla Borisovna in an interview with the correspondents of the show “You won’t believe!”.

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin at the birthday party of Anastasia Ivleeva

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