Matthias’ role Schoenaerts in this new movie

In Sons of Philadelphia signed by filmmaker Jrmie Guez, Matthias Schoenaerts plays Peter. This character was marked by a family drama in his childhood which continues to haunt him into adulthood. The refuge of this living dead transformed into a taciturn thug is bloodied by the Irish Mafia.

Why did Jrmie Guez choose the actor?

Asked about his choice, the director of film admitted that it was because Matthias Schoenaerts has eyes of children with an alpha male body. He considers it theactor perfect for interpreting the story of a man who remains frozen on a child trauma.

The new feature film by Jrmie Guez Photography Valery HACHE / AFP

The actor confided in his interpretation

Matthias Schoenaerts recognized similarities between his role in Sons of Philadelphia and his interpretation of Ali in Rust and bone by Jacques Audiard. For this film, the actor had received the Csar for best male newcomer in 2013. It highlights that Peter has a silent nature, but has a rich and troubled inner life.

Matthias Schoenaerts’ cinematographic journey

The Belgian graffiti artist Matthias Schoenaerts was revealed in Bullhead in 2011 and also starred in Maryland in 2015. Its international popularity was made possible by When the night comes (2014), Suite franaise or Far from the crowd dchane.

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