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Matthew Glaetzer Continues to Focus on the Tokyo Olympics, Despite Cancer Surgery | sport

Australian track cycling star Matthew Glaetzer is targeting two World Cup games next month, despite his cancer treatment. The two-time world champion remains focused on the Tokyo Olympics next year after having surgery for thyroid cancer last week.

British cycling legend Sir Chris Hoy has joined his Australian teammates to post social media messages for Glaetzer following weekend news. Glaetzer was diagnosed at the end of last month after neck pains, which the London and Rio Olympics first inflicted on strength training. But when the problem did not improve, tests showed the severity of the problem.

Glaetzer must rest for the next few days, but he is still determined to participate in the World Cup in Cambridge, New Zealand, from December 6 to 8. Then comes the Australian event in Brisbane from 13 to 15 December, a decisive step for the national track team in preparation for Tokyo. After Brisbane, Glaetzer will follow a course of radioactive iodine tablets for his cancer treatment.

"It will help me solve the problem if I minimize it, obviously I know it's very serious, but at the same time it's very treatable," said Glaetzer. "So now what's in the plan, how can I minimize its impact on myself as an athlete? Because I do not want to stop being an athlete so early, I like what I do. I will not stop racing after the Olympics and try to be the best in the world, that's what I like to do. "

A deeply religious man, Glaetzer is inspired by his faith to help him treat his diagnosis and his treatment. "I thought I could not do anything about it, at this point I was worried it would not make it any better," he said. "Then I was inspired by my faith in God, I knew that he was mastering it."

Hoy tweeted that he was sending force to Glaetzer, adding "you will get through this companion". Glaetzer is grateful for his strong support. "The support network that I have is incredible, the coaches, the medical staff and the community of my church that I spoke to have provided support," he said. he declares.

"It was a very good group of very close people who were close to me and supported me throughout the secret phase and kept it secret until surgery. It's a pretty big elephant in the room for me, so it helped me to know that my teammates knew it. If I had to be upset or if they saw something a little unusual during a normal training day, they would know why and it helped me.



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