Matthew Boyd Got $10M in Detroit (And It Shows the Pitching Market Is Strong)

After the 2021 season, the Detroit Tigers decided not to sign Matthew Boyd (who was expected to make a $6.5 million salary) due to injury.

So he didn’t pitch much in 2022 (13.1 innings in relief), but despite it all, the Tigers signed him this morning to a $10 million contract for next season – not to mention the potential one million dollar performance bonus.

And all this shows us that the market for launchers is strong.

Yes, Boyd is a good pitcher and his September in Seattle was very good. That said, when we analyze the situation, we realize that pitchers are a rare commodity in major league baseball right now.

But actually we knew it. The Tigers signing just demonstrates a trend.

While we’re talking nearly $40 million for Aaron Judge, two pitchers who are either old (Justin Verlander) or coming in with health uncertainty (Jacob deGrom) are denied that amount.

Carlos Rodon can get $35 million a year. Carlos Rodon.

This also applies to elevators. Edwin Diaz ($102 million over five years) broke records. Robert Suarez was offered $46 million … even though he is not (yet) a approach.

Are we talking about the $39 million for Tyler “a good season” Anderson? The $11.5 million annual salary (for three years) for reliever Rafael Montero?

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$12 million a year for starter Mike Clevinger, whose last good year was when the Guardians had their old name?

I’m not saying to bark because seeing the players make money (instead of seeing the owners put it in their pockets) is good for the guys.

But I’m still amazed at how much in demand pitchers are. Teams that want one are better off getting out the checkbook … or going via trade.



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