Matt Houston apologizes and explains after his free tackle against Diam’s

Whereas Diam’s recently came out of silence in a long interview for Brut, conducted on the occasion of his documentarythis one was seen receive the wrath (free) of Matt Houston who has it severely tackled before going back on his remarks and apologize.

“I made a mistake and I apologize”

Totally absent from the media for several years now, the last few weeks have been marked by the return of Diam’s. Indeed, the former rapper has decided to confide in her quest for peace through a documentary entitled Salam, co-directed by Houda Benyamina and Anne Cissé. Available at the start of the school year on Brutthis release was accompanied by an interview powerful and moving, published by the media on May 26, in which Mélanie looks back on her past and her career. If this speech will have aroused a wave of emotion and love towards Diam’s, in particular from the fans but also from other personalities, some took the opportunity to pour out their hate for free, including Matt Houston.

And for proof, viewing the interview, the singer has violently attacked Diam’s, stating in the caption of an Instagram story “buy a plaid and go n**hate your mother nah but“. Remarks brutal and which would, according to some, be related to Diam’s religion, to which the artist declared a few hours later “Rohhh but I’m talking about a blanket for her to rest. The thing where we take a nap under there, on the couch. That’s how people freak out these days. Since when do I have a problem with any religion, you mix up everything crazy. I am talking to her after seeing her interview, not to a religion. Alalaaaaa dios mio the networks”.

I saw her interview she tired me, and in addition I found her tired so that’s why I talked about plaid“….

A reaction that naturally shocked Internet users, accompanied by first flawed explanations who have not not convinced to the point where the artist has trended on Twitter but not for the right reasons. Finally, the interpreter of R&B 2 Rue still had the decency to apologize on his social networks, seeing the proportions that the events took “To err is human… the hardest thing in life is to recognize your wrongdoings. I made a mistake, and I apologize. Peace be upon you and Melanie.

Instagram screenshot of Matt Houston @matthouston971
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