Matrona goes viral on Tik Tok by sharing the weirdest baby names she has seen

Matrona goes viral on Tik Tok by sharing the weirdest baby names she has seen


Choosing the name of a newborn is not an easy task, there are typical options such as Martina or Mateo, however this video on the social network shows us very original names.

TikTok user @marta.hallo has become popular through a video she posted referencing the strangest baby names you’ve ever met thanks to his work, which is in the registry of the neonatal plant. His viral post begins by explaining: “I am a midwife, I help bring children into this world and one of the consequences of this is that I register many names and see everything. I’m a geek, I write down the weirdest names and today I’m here to show you”, also asking that there be no offenders since “everyone puts the name they want for their son”.

The matron continues in the video to mention the strangest baby names she has come across, “Rihanna with her h’s and n’s included. I am shocked by these people who put names of famous people, I have even heard Beyoncé, just as I say: Beyoncé. It is that this calling Rihanna González seems to me that she shocks me, ”she explains in the post. She thus continues to refer to these very original names, assuring that she has registered Far, from lighthouse in Catalan, and Avril, with “v”. “This thing about naming your child after an object, a table, a blind, a rocket. The funny thing is that her eldest daughter was called Nit, which means night in Catalan, I just hope they have a third child and call her Mar, that’s how they close the pictorial picture perfectly”.

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This post caught the eye and quickly went viral. It already has more than 900,000 reproductions and comments of all kinds that open debates around the subject. Below we made a compilation of the comments with more responses:

“My mother is a pediatrician and she treated a girl named iloveny (her mother saw I love NY written on a T-shirt and she put it on)”

“Rihanna is not just a famous name, it is also a common name in Arab countries”

“Avril with a V is French”

“Well, I think my great-grandparents wanted a whole garden: Azucena, Margarita, Rosa and Petunia”

“Here is mine: Olarizu”

“In El Salvador, in a small town, people name car parts like carburetors and so on”

“Those who call their children colors in any language”

“I had a partner named Merry Christmas, my brother’s name was Live”

“I met an Usnavy Pérez… United States Navy”

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