Matías Pellegrini is also moving away and will sign for New York City

The synergies of the teams controlled by the new ownership, such as Inter Miami (Mas), Lens and Padova Calcio (Oughourlian) and Millonarios de Bogotá (Serpa, together with Oughourlian himself) could help in the signing, as well as Atlético de Madrid , the closest and key club in the Zaragoza buying process with Gil Marín as the main figure and who has already brought Mollejo and Giuliano Simeone to La Romareda. However, that connection is often not enough, due to the situation of the players or their explosion. It was not with Camello (Athletics), nor with Daniel Ruiz (Millionaires) and even less with Simon Banza (Lens). Nor was it with Matías Pellegrini, who in the end imposed his decision not to play in Zaragoza and will continue in the MLS, although in New York City after an operation, probably in the form of a transfer, which is about to to realize. Inter Miami had to give him an outlet by covering the quota of three franchise players allowed by the Major Soccer League.

Inter Miami wanted to renew his contract, which ended in December, and transfer it to Zaragoza, but the winger, who had a good season last season at Estudiantes de La Plata, where he trained as a player before being transferred to the club owned by Jorge Mas, He intended to return to Argentina, with Boca Juniors intent on securing his transfer as he also wanted to repeat that. Zaragoza never entered his plans and did not want to play in the Second Division, but Inter Miami did not accept that transfer to Argentina, where the transfer market ended at the beginning of August, and the footballer will eventually set course for another ‘ n MLS team, to New York City, in an operation pending only the last details and the medical examination and the signing of the contracts.

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Inter Miami understood that a jump to Spain is the best thing for their evolution as a footballer and the synergies with Real Zaragoza made them see that Juan Carlos Carcedo’s team is the ideal one to take that step. The entities have already agreed on the transfer of the extreme and his arrival was pending to release salary mass and above all to convince the player, who arrived at Inter Miami in 2019 for more than eight million euros from the Argentine students.

Formed in the quarry of that team, he signed for Inter Miami to go back on loan in a first phase, which ended after six months and, after the interruption in MLS due to the pandemic, in April 2021, Inter Miami exercised its purchase option through guaranteed contract. However, he did not have room for the franchise player places, so he was in the Inter affiliate and returned to Estudiantes after three months. In this 2022, he has 23 matches and two goals with the Argentine team. Pellegrini is a winger, right-handed and who starts more from the far left and which Zaragoza will not reach despite the need to strengthen that position.



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