Despite the fact that he achieved his first victory since joining the rojiblanco bench, Míchel Leaño is more out than in the future of Chivas. The young coach has not been able to find the key and still has not added three in official competition, in addition, his team has not been able to score in MX League.


From there to the rumors of his departure are the order of the day in the ‘world’ of the Flock, and there are not a few who begin to throw names of possible candidates to succeed him. One of the most popular – and most desired – is that of Matías Almeyda, the coach who led Chivas in a winning stage of the club and who keeps a great memory from the side of the fans.

‘El Pelado’ is the favorite, not only of the fans, but also of the board of directors to take over Guadalajara for the remainder of Opening and to start a new cycle at Akron, however, the Argentine coach’s commitment to one of the franchises of the MLS It has made the parties put that reunion dreamed of by both sides on stand-by.

Almeyda has never denied his desire to return to Chivas (Imago 7)

However, according to journalist David Medrano, the wishes of the entire Chivas fans could come sooner rather than later. And it is that according to the renowned journalist, the return of Almeyda would be close to happening. “Matías is going to return to Guadalajara. He is a love that is there; sooner or later he will return to Chivas. The fans ask for it and he (Almeyda) also wants to return”, said to a question from a user.

Ricardo Peláez is one of the main voices that asks for a change in the rojiblancos’ helm, but the name of Almeyda as a candidate does not pass through the head of the manager, hence the future of the Argentine strategist would be linked to that of the sports director, who would have to step aside in the event of Almeyda’s return to Chivas in the near future.


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