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In this first episode of the Match Retour podcast, the team wonders if football is still popular in these times of coronavirus.

Love to begin with, the one that unites millions and millions of people with the round ball. The problem is, love stories usually end badly. Between the one who zaps and the one who sings, between the consumer and the supporter, the leaders seem to have chosen their camp … A recovery behind closed doors? No problem, as long as the TV rights are saved! Except that football is the sport of the people, by the people and for the people! Will he always tell us a popular story in the future? The question is asked!


Mickael Correia, independent journalist. He tells another football story, that of below, as popular as it is fascinating in a book that is just as popular. From England to Palestine, from Germany to Mexico, from Brazil to Egypt, from France to South Africa, this book tells another story of the football, from its origins to the present day. .

References cited in the episode

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The musical choice of the guest: The Smiths – Sweet And Tender Hooligan

Credits: Match Retour is an original RFI podcast on football after the health crisis. It is presented by Hugo Moissonnier, Sarah-Lou Bakouche, Martin Guez and Cedric De Oliveira. Olivier Roux was in the production and Alice Mesnard designed the coverings.